Employees are an integral part of any organization, and they are also the weakest link when it comes to an organizational cybersecurity breach.

A recent IBM study revealed that negligent employees cause about 24% of data breaches. Another survey by Haystax Security Analytics shows that privileged users with access to critical information such as the manager, present the most damaging insider threats to organizations’ cyber security (60 percent).  Contractors and consultants takes the second position at 57%, and regular employees sits at 51%.

Interestingly, it is uncertain if this level of oversight is caused by ignorance, carelessness, a massive skill gap or all combined.

A survey by Wombat Security Technologies disclosed that over 30% of employees who took part in the survey, didn’t know what phishing or malware is. Is that surprising?

As an employer, your employees need effective cybersecurity training to protect the company and themselves from cyberattacks.

Below are our five easy steps and approaches to train your staff on cybersecurity.


1. Communication is key

Most employees are generally known to have a passive approach to issues like this, so the first thing to do is to communicate effectively. Decide on how best you will communicate to them on the implications of cyberattack and why they should take cybersecurity seriously. Most people only react or take action on an issue when they fully know and understand the consequences of their actions or inactions.

2. Organize mandatory training and awareness programs

Get the cybersecurity experts to train your employees on every necessary cybersecurity measures required to keep the organization safe. Attendance of the training should be made compulsory.

3. All employees must be involved

Involve all employees in the cybersecurity training, including the c-suite staffs and executives. Remember that anyone can be a target within the organisational structure. Most often, once a hacker gain access into the email of a staff member, they would typically have sufficient information to execute a spoofing attack.

4.  Cybersecurity training should not be a one-off thing

The mistake most employers make is to hold cybersecurity training for new staffs at the point of their employment. The IT world is always evolving with new software and security procedures developed almost every day. Limiting cybersecurity training to a onetime event or a once in a while thing will prove counterproductive.

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Ensure that as you update your software and systems often, you also keep your staffs updated on the recent cybersecurity measures – perhaps, in form newsletters.

5. Conduct an appraisal

Do not just end it at organizing training, also evaluate and assess your staffs to ensure the effectiveness of the training. Another purpose of assessments is to test their practical knowledge of cybersecurity. Also, evaluations and assessments would help determine how and where to improve the training exercise.