Cybersafety is becoming a popular topic within a lot of households.

In today’s internet-centric world, the worry of many parents is how to protect their kids from the dangers of the internet. But how do you achieve this if they probably know more and use the internet than you do?

Business and marketing experts Oberlo reports that a whopping 4.33 billion people are active users of the internet; this is approximately 56 per cent of the total world population. You are reading this right now because you are a part of this one big family.

More fascinating is the fact that children and young adults are most likely to use the internet than older adults. And of course, internet usage comes with its perks and associated risks.

The digitalization of the world is fast growing, and usage of the internet has become a required necessity for our living and survival. Thus it will be counterproductive to utterly prevent a child from accessing the internet. However, it is highly important that you educate your younger ones about the addictive components of the internet. Whatever the case may be, we have identified a collection of 5 experts’ cyber safety advice for parents.

1. Alastair MacGibbon: MacGibbon is Australia former and first appointed children safety commissioner.

According to MacGibbon, parents should learn, and get acquainted with media technology. A good understanding of how the internet works will definitely help you relate better with your kids and enable the right knowledge to ensure their safety. He further advises that parents should not be afraid of technology; neither should they be reluctant to use it.


2. Susan MacLean: Susan is the owner of Cybersafety solutions, and also a member of the Federal Government’s Cyber Safety Working Group in Australia.

Susan admonishes parents to educate their kids on the use, benefits and risks of internet usage. Do not wait until they’ve had a few experiences, build the awareness so they can learn to respond appropriately or if needed, report to you.


3. Todd Morris: Todd is the CEO of BrickHouse Security, top suppliers of surveillance and security equipment and software.

Todd advises parents to employ the use of technology to monitor their kids’ activities online. Children can get very secretive about some of their dealings and interactions online, so rather than wait for them to talk to you, take the step first to monitor their activities. You just might be saving them from danger and cyberbullying.

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However, do not get too intrusive to avoid pushing them into taking extra precautionary measures just to boot you out of their online lives.


4. Larry Magid: Larry is an on-air technology analyst for CBS News, he is also the co-director of

Larry suggests that parents should ensure that the privacy and security of their kids are not compromised. He explains that parents should educate their children against sharing sensitive information and passwords online. He further suggests the installation of anti-virus and anti-malware software.


5. Teri L. Schroeder: Founder of i-safe foundation.

Teri strongly advises parents not to disregard their parental discernment regarding online safety. When you sense to feel that there is a problem going on with your child, do not hesitate to ask them, you just might be right.