TikTok Safety: 5 Easy Guides to Protect Your Kids on TikTok

TikTok Safety: 5 Easy Guides to Protect Your Kids on TikTok

The TikTok app has had a massive popularity among the adolescents and young adults. This popularity of this social app among the youths has become worrisome to parents who are mostly concerned their kids might be exposed to inappropriate contents and some other prominent cyber threats on the social app. Parents are getting increasingly worried about the safety and sanctity of their kids while using the TikTok app.

It is okay to be concerned; it shows that you care about the online safety of your minors. However, do not stop at being worried, take a step to protect them because actions and not thoughts make the difference.

Here are our five easy TikTok safety guides that will help you protect your kids on the app. Read it, digest it, and apply it.

1. Talk to your child about the potential TikTok dangers and how to stay safe

The first thing we always say to parents seeking advice on issues like this is ‘Communication’. Engage in a friendly but educative dialogue with your child, letting them know about the likely dangers and risks associated with the app and the online social space in general.

Let them know you are always there to protect them, and they should not hesitate to report their suspicion, or any form of abuse experienced on the app.

2. Take control of the TikTok app settings

The TikTok app allows you to change specific age-related and privacy settings right from your child’s phone. While also giving you the option to lock the changed settings with a passcode to prevent your child from restoring their preferred settings.

With this, you can limit screen-time, prevent strangers from relating or communicating with your child through the app and prevent your child from seeing inappropriate contents.


3. Get on the app!

Using the TikTok app as a parent has numerous advantages that goes beyond experiencing the thrills keeping your child all excited. Trust me; you would also find the app as exciting as your child, maybe even more. However, you are doing this to protect your minors – unless you already have the app.

Having a TikTok account will enable you to understand how the app works and what it is all about. This means you can protect your child better and with the right knowledge.

Reasons to get on the TikTok app with your child(ren)

  • You can make use of the parental control feature on the app to limit your child’s screen-time, change privacy settings and prevent your child from viewing explicit and age-restricted contents.
  • Having the app will help you control what they post either by censoring their posts or joining them to make contents.
  • The Family pairing feature keeps your TikTok account connected to that of your child.

4. Be conscious of how long they spend on TikTok

Although this can be controlled in-app, it is still essential you emphasize on screen-time management physically through dialogue. Some kids can be so crafty as to get an alternate account where they would have the freedom to consume whatever content they wish.

So, while it is advised that you implement the parental control feature of the app, remain physically conscious of their usage of the app.

5. Know who they relate with on TikTok

You must know who messages your child and the content of their message. There are a few predators who may want to exploit the innocent and naïve mind of young people on TikTok, so make efforts to prevent your child from being a victim.  In doing this, do not get annoyingly intrusive.